Welcome to The Beauty of Programming !

Welcome to The Beauty of Programming, a blog created to share my experiences, lessons learned, and stories that I encounter on my journey through technology. Through this blog, I hope to touch on topics that are relevant to both new and experienced developers.

You can expect me to discuss code, best practices, career growth stories and advice, and much more!

About Me

Hi I’m Frank! I’m an extremely passionate tech engineer, developer, and architect from Milwaukee. My current passions lie in highly available and scalable infrastructure, containerization, serverless architecture, automation, artificial intelligence, web development, API management and algorithm theory. I am also very passionate about open source software and contribute regularly. I love working in a fun, collaborative and startup-like atmosphere with passionate individuals. For fun you’ll usually find me developing new custom skills for Alexa or integrating the latest IoT with my home. Thanks for checking me out!


Do you have questions, comments or complaints? Don't hesitate to send be an email at fbgrecojr@me.com and i'll respond to you as soon as I finish debugging this code!

Also, don't forget to check out my website at frankgrecojr.com for more information about me.